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Perfection for every usage

Grinding techniques play an important role in manufacturing technology.
PreciTop Universal grinding disks offer the professional user largest product benefits, reliability and handling comfort at an optimal price-performance ratio. Our products stand for high quality standards for a frequent use in industry and crafts.
The perfectly balanced grain size, grain texture and porosity  allows a pressure-free, cool grinding – similar to  cold grinding. In addition, the artificial disc porosity makes efficient swarf removal and ensures good cooling of disc, grinding surface and diamond. The grain type 5RBA with its sleek edges owes the disc its extreme cutting ability, which is surpassed only by vitrified bonded CBN grinding disks.
When increasing the grinding pressure, there will be a natural sharpening of the disc through the removal of small grain fragments from the grain (Grid Cutting) or the whole grain being pulled out of the bond. Their good nature in so far the diamond dressing is concerned has enormous advantages: dimensional stability, better workpiece geometry, scarce diamond wear (especially important when profile-dressing).
The particle size of 120 is certainly the right choice in matter of edge or profile stability, surface quality, while ensuring good cutting performance.


TOP delivery

Deadline pressure, which our customers are exposed to, is growing steadily. PreciTop is taking it into account and can ship small quantities of standard products from stock supply.
For larger quantities and custom-made, the delivery time is approximately 8-10 working weeks.

Special products

Special customer requirements are taken into account in the manufacturing !