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PreciTop External and internal grinding wheels

For cylindric inter, extern and plan grinding, thread and non-cylindrical grinding :
The PreciTop Universal Wheel type: 5RBA 120 J11 V08 (white aluminum oxide) has enormous advantages, since it is universally applicable to virtually all materials compared to commercial grinding wheels. Ideal for soft and hardened steels up to 62HRC, hard chrome, brass, cast iron, stainless steels, Inconel (turbine blade wheels) and many others.
However it is not suitable for aluminum.

Dressing tools

diamant-igelDiamond hedgehog,
recording 7mm,
natural diamond D711



diamant-flieseDiamond tile,
width 10mm,
natural diamond D711



CVD diamond tile,
width 10mm,
3×0.8×0.8 diagonal centered


3-eck-pkdPKD trianle R0.2mm



mkd-profilabrichterMKD Profile-dresser,
3×0.8×0.8, R0.125-30 °,
9.52mm Diaform



for rough dressing of corundum discs
Specification : 48C-46-R4-V12
Dimension: 25x20x150mm

hand-schaerfsteinHand sharpening stone,
for the regeneration of bakelite-bonded
Diamond discs

PreciTop Universal Wheel type: 5RBA 120 J11 V08 (white aluminum oxide)

Form T-1 50m/s Internal grinding wheels
300x20x127 mm
300x30x127 mm
300x40x127 mm
400x20x127 mm
400x30x127 mm
400x40x127 mm
400x50x127 mm
400x60x127 mm
450x30x127 mm
500x60x127 mm
450x30x203.2 mm
450x40x203.2 mm
450x50x203.2 mm
450x60x203.2 mm
500x30x203.2 mm
500x40x203.2 mm
500x50x203.2 mm
500x60x203.2 mm
500x80x203.2 mm
16x16x6 mm
40x40x10 mm
20x20x6-10×8 mm
25x25x10-15×10 mm
32x32x10-15×16 mm
50x50x16-16×26 mminnen-schleifscheiben
Form T-5 50m/s
120x35x32 / 60×10 mm
400x60x127 / 200×25 mm
500x60x203.2 / 300×20 mm
500x80x203.2 / 300×20 mm